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Barca the New Champion

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Rome, Thursday 27 May 09

Barca beats Manchester Utd in European Champion’s League Final

After a remarkable 90 mins FC Barcelona is the new European Champion.

Barcelona wins the final 2:0 after an outstanding game. Manchester Utd could not develop their game after a stronger Barcelona played a fantastic attacking game. 

Manchester entered the game as a slight favourite after an excellent performance throughout the tournament.

As expected they commenced the match full of confidence. Man Utd has had a strong start to the match with several serious chances in the first 10 mins. Then after a stunning run by Eto’o and Messi, Eto’o was able to put the first goal of the night in. Afterwards the Catalans were able to dominate the game.

The second half saw a second goal by a header by Messi. This sealed the result.

Manchester was attempting to stem the tide, but was not able to find their previous form. Barca was too strong with their characteristic passing game. ‘A ball is there to be passed’ is the motto of the proud Catalonians from the North of Spain. Today they showed this motto very successfully.

Barca created many opportunities with numerous passes, many one-touch and diagonal passes. They were able to force their game onto their opponents. Great performances so far by Eto’o, Messi, Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta.


This is the third time that Barca wins European Champion’s League. Long live Barcelona, long live a passionate, attacking football!



Barca in Dreamland

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Rome, Thursday 27 May 09

After 70 mins Barcelona went 2:0 ahead!

Messi’ s wonderful header put Barca in a more comfortable 2:0 lead. Eto’o scored in the 10th min for a 1:0. Manchester is stunned.