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Vote For Your Favourite Seductive Song

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Music is a very powerful medium. I am sure you have felt the power of a song before, that made you travel back in time and placed you in a space and time that was very meaningful to you.

I have had that experience many times, one song put me back 20 years or so and I was so clearly in that room that I could see and hear things around me. Music has many layers and can be very emotional to us. Music can also deepen an experience or alter our emotional state.


Let us look at the more erotic moments in our lives. You have arrived home after a fun night out. You have had a great time dancing with friends and asked the crush of the past weeks back home to your place. You are both sitting on the sofa sipping on a glass of wine and chatting. Your eyes meet constantly and you are feeling shy and exhilarated at once. You feel excited and decide to put on some music that will help you to seduce your prey…

What song will you play?

What songs do you like to listen to when you are with your lover? What songs get you both in the mood? What songs do you put on to get you and your lover in the right mood?

I would like to invite you to share your favourite seductive, sexy, erotic song with us. Leave a reply with your song title and band/singer and it will be excepted in the poll.
(leave a song title as well or I will not be able to enter just a singer in the poll…)

The poll has commenced! Click here!

Below is a list of all the entries so far, if your favourite seductive song is not in there just text me and I will add it.

List of Most Seductive Songs so far…

Title – Singer




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